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Cleaning Mistakes… Exposed!

If there is one thing you value and appreciate, it would be efficiencies when you clean your home. You want your time to be well-spent and effective as you clean your home and keep it looking great and a safe haven for your family.

And you want your efforts to really count, your cleaning to do just that… clean. Get rid of the dirt and make it all look good. Yet all too often we make mistakes with our cleaning process and can even do more harm than good.

Here are a few cleaning mistakes… exposed!

Carpet spot removal

When you see a spot on the carpet and grab your favorite carpet spotter, give it a squirt or two, you might then scrub the spot. Perhaps with a brush. When the spot doesn’t budge, you might scrub harder. That is a big mistake! When you scrub the carpet you are going to fray the fibers, damage the texture, and can even make the spot worse. When carpet spotting, apply your spotting solution, work it in gently with a white towel, and blot away the spot. If the spot remains, call your favorite carpet cleaning company.

Cleaning glass

Doesn’t everyone spray their glass, whether a mirror or window, and then use a cloth or paper towel and wipe in a circular motion? We all do. But there is a better way. Spray your solution on the window, use a towel to clean smudges and dirt, spray it again and use a squeegee to remove the liquid. If you don’t have a squeegee, avoid the circular motion with your towel. Go horizontal, and then vertical, until the glass is clean. This helps avoid streaking.

Vacuum maintenance

It’s what you don’t see that can be harmful. Some rely on a sensor telling them their vacuum bag is full. Others wait until they can see it is full, to the brim. You should change your vacuum bags when about halfway full, never more than 2/3 full. The longer debris, soil, dander, and other contaminants are in the bag, the greater the odds you will have foul odors from what’s “growing” inside the bag. Spend a little more time and money on your vacuum and keep it happy with a fresh bag.

When you start cleaning, it’s always smart to get good advice. And the best advice comes from your favorite cleaning company. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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