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Taunton MA – How to Fix the Mess in the Microwave

How to Fix the Mess in the Microwave

There is no greater compliment to your cleaning skills than someone commenting that your microwave oven is the cleanest they have ever seen.

You’ve never heard someone say that about the microwave in your kitchen? Then let’s get to work!

Microwaves are known to be messy. After all, they are designed to warm up food, and usually, that involves spills, spatters, and for some food items, explosions. Who hasn’t put something in the microwave to heat it up only to hear that dreaded POP as it expanded and flung remnants all over the inside of the oven?

Some of you may be diligent with covering up food you are warming, but most of us… just hope for the best. And when that fails us, here are a few practical tips to a perfectly clean microwave oven.

Start smart

The first step to cleaning a dirty microwave oven is to wipe up as much excess food particles you can. Spraying them just means a smeary mess. Use a dish cloth or paper towels to remove food particles, paying special attention to the inside of the door and corners, where particles can build up over time.

Steam it up

Nothing works better than a little preparation. Take an uncovered bowl of water and put it in the microwave and cook it for two or three minutes. The steam and heat of the water will help loosen the grease and remaining food particles for easier removal. This head start is a very smart way to clean your microwave oven.

Wipe it all down

It’s best not to spray the interior with just any cleaning solution. What you smell might end up in your food. Residues and odors can affect the next dish you prepare. Instead, use a cloth, hot water, and dish detergent as your cleaning arsenal. With the dampened cloth, wipe away greasy residues and food particles, repeating often until you have a squeaky-clean surface. You can also put the dampened cloth on really stubborn areas and allow the detergent to work a few minutes and then wipe it away. When you are done, dry it all with fresh towels and inspect, recleaning any areas of concern.

Of course, to really get something clean in your home, do the right thing. Call your favorite cleaning company. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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