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7 Ways to Triumph Over Clutter

Decluttering and organizing one’s home can be overwhelming, especially when you are overtaken by too many things collected over the years. Stuff piles up!

When that happens, and you can’t take it any longer, it’s time to act. Here are a few ways to triumph over clutter.

Set clear goals

Before you begin, have a clear goal. Why should you get rid of “stuff”? Are you looking to improve appearances or make room for more “stuff”? Having an objective in mind is going to help with this.

Plan and prioritize

Keep this manageable. Don’t try to do the entire house in one session. Break it down into manageable tasks. One room at a time. Prioritize based on which areas are most in need or which will provide the most satisfaction once organized.

The famous four-pile method

You have heard it before. Put things in designated piles. But this is the modern era, so use boxes instead. Have four boxes labeled: Keep, Donate, Trash, and Recycle. You know how you value items so putting them in appropriate boxes should be easy. This will help you stay focused.

Organize systematically

Once you’ve decluttered, keep the momentum going. Use containers to keep it all in the proper place. Use labels. Zone your spaces, maximizing the use of closets, cupboards, and drawers. Everyone should know where stuff is when they need it.


Documents and papers are “stuff” as well. Most opt for digitizing these unless there is a legal reason to have a paper copy. Don’t throw away papers unless you are sure you won’t need them. Photographs, scanned copies into your computer, and all kept in the cloud… use digital technology to help save space and keep documents organized.

One on…one out

This is a philosophy many have found beneficial. If you add a new item to a pile, remove an item. Think about items you have kept for a while and if you really need them. Have you actually seen them recently? Odds are, you don’t need them.

A family affair

Keeping a house organized is a group effort. Inform and educate your family members on the systems you’ve put in place and why it’s important to maintain them, to work together as a team.

And remember, decluttering is just part of home maintenance. Cleaning is essential. And when you need professional cleaning of your floors, furniture, or any other task, do the right thing. Call your professional cleaning company. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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