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Transforming Your Car

One of the costliest purchases you will ever make includes your vehicle. You agonize over deciding what type of make or model to purchase. And when that day comes, you are pleased with your choice. A shiny new (or gently used) car is something you value.

But over time, your car’s appearance can take a beating, inside and out. While running your vehicle through a car wash is a simple way to keep the exterior clean, the interior is another story.

Many consumers turn to the pros for detailing work, and it is tough to match the quality a professional detailing company can provide. But you can achieve impressive results if you do it yourself, using a few basic tools and products.

To get started (and we will discuss only the interior here) gather the necessary tools and cleaners. This may include glass cleaner, cleaning solutions, cloth towels, paper towels, a quality vacuum with attachments, and other items you may find you need to do the cleaning.

Start with decluttering. Go through your car and remove and discard anything you don’t need. You may find empty coffee cups, and a few wrinkled French fries, it’s amazing what can build up over time in a vehicle. Give the entire interior a thorough vacuuming, and spend plenty of time in the nooks and crannies. Get into the crevices of all the upholstery.

Then start wiping everything down, using your cleaning solution and towels (cloth or paper). Find a starting point and start working, cleaning all surfaces except the glass. You will do that later. Wash surfaces, dry them, and inspect them. Redo those areas if not to your satisfaction. Use cotton swabs for the tiny areas you can’t reach with a cloth, such as an air vent. Allow your cleaning solution time to dwell on hardened soils, which are usually food-based.

Do the interior glass last. Using your glass cleaner, first clean each window, and then re-clean them. The first cleaning removes the heavy soil and residue buildup and the second polishes it all so you don’t have streaks. You need good lighting to do this, so be sure to set that up in advance. Using a soft, lint-free cloth to go over the glass after cleaning often helps remove final smudges.

All this being said, your favorite cleaning company would be happy to handle all of this for you, with professional results. Give them a call for a quote today. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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