clean any carpet stain with water


When the spring season finally arrives, most of us get into a cleaning mood. Others clean out of necessity. But regardless the motive, spring is a great time to spruce things up, clean areas or items that have been neglected during the long winter, and just get ready for a busy summer.

However, besides the obvious things we clean, such as carpet, floors, windows, and the like, there are some chores we might either ignore (on purpose) or forget about completely.

Spice rack and containers

You use them all the time. Grab a nice spice and give your sauce a dash of flavor. Put the lid back on and put it back on the spice rack or wherever you store your spices. Did you clean that jar before putting it back? Have you ever? It’s one of those often-forgotten items that could use at least an annual cleaning. Imagine all the hands and fingers on all those spices during the year… Give your spice rack and contents a good spring cleaning.

Stove and microwave hoods and filters

The purpose of the hood, vent, and any filters is to collect debris, and it’s all greasy. Get a good all-purpose kitchen degreaser, some paper towels, and any other scrubbing tools you wish to use, roll up your sleeves, and get cleaning. You will be amazed how much a year of cooking and normal use will add to the grease build-up on these surfaces.

Garbage disposal

When something is dropped or spilled, clean it up immediately. Some spills can damage the finish on flooring, but if you make it a habit to clean up spills quickly, you will avoid this.

Call the pros

If any out-of-the-ordinary situation develops, skip the do-it-yourself mentality. Call your favorite cleaning company right away, whether if you have questions or just need someone to come over to give you some tips or even handle the cleaning for you. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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