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Homes years ago were full of carpet. Carpet was everywhere. But carpet began a decline near the turn of the century and now most homes are a mix of hard floors and carpet. While carpet is still a favorite floor covering, especially in bedrooms and rooms that require more “comfort”, hard floors are becoming dominant.

One popular type of hard floor is laminate flooring. It is popular because it looks good and is often more affordable than many other types of flooring materials. But like all floors, a proper cleaning and maintenance program is a must if you want those floors to last for years to come.

Here are a few easy cleaning tips to keep your laminate floors in good shape.

Create a schedule

The first thing to do is schedule your cleaning. Even if flooring doesn’t look that dirty or soiled, it probably is — more than you think. It doesn’t take much time to quickly dust mop your laminate floors. Perhaps do it daily, or every other day. Weekly is not enough. Dust and dirt on flooring acts as a grit, much like sandpaper on a smooth surface.

Microfiber mops

Skip the regular string mop on laminate flooring. Use a quality microfiber mop, the flat type, along with a cleaning solution recommended by your flooring manufacturer or by your favorite cleaning company. You will spend a little more on a quality microfiber mop but it is worth every penny. The characteristic of microfibers means you will pick up more soil, dirt, debris, and even invisible dust — all of which can scratch the surface of your floor. You won’t see that happening but, over time, it all builds up and soon you have a dull finish on a previously nice and shiny floor.

Spot clean

When something is dropped or spilled, clean it up immediately. Some spills can damage the finish on flooring, but if you make it a habit to clean up spills quickly, you will avoid this.

Call the pros

If any out-of-the-ordinary situation develops, skip the do-it-yourself mentality. Call your favorite cleaning company right away, whether if you have questions or just need someone to come over to give you some tips or even handle the cleaning for you. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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